SEAP = SME Expert Advisory Panel. SME CORP (ex-SMIDEC)

SME Expert Advisory Panel (SEAP)

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Selamat Tahun Baru 2010 yang Baik! (Sudah Ogos 2014)

Happy New Year 2010 in Good Year! (Now is August 2014)



SEAP is a programme implemented to strengthen technical advisory services to SMEs. SMEs are given on-site assistance by industry experts to transfer their technology know-how and industry experience.   


Implementation Mechanism:

Stage 1: Preliminary Consultancy Services

Activity: Experts conduct free preliminary consultancy services and will prepare the report to SME Corp. (The format of the report as attached)

Financial Implication:
SME Corp to bear costs of mileage, toll fare & consultation fee.

Stage 2: Consultancy Services at Factory Sites of SMEs

Activity: Experts visit factory sites of SMEs and undertake diagnostic audit SMEs

Financial Implication:

  • SME Corp to bear costs of consultation on the maximum of three (3) man days. The rates are as follows:
    • RM200 for ½ day (or 4 working hours or less)
    • RM300 for one (1) day (4-8 working hours);
  • SME Corp to bear expenses on accommodation and traveling for experts as follows:
    • Accommodation: RM250 maximum per night;
    • Traveling mileage: RM0.60 per km;
    • Train fare: First class;
    • Taxi fare: As claimed;
    • Air fare: Economic class (traveling only in Malaysia)

Stage 3: Consultancy Services Under SMIDEC’s Grant Schemes (if necessary)

Activity: Experts prepare project proposal to SMIDEC.

Financial Implication:
Costs incurred to be shared in the form of matching basis. The rates are as follows:

  • RM300 per man day; or
  • A maximum of RM18,000.00 or 60 man days per project, whichever is lower

 Official Name Card:  


Download File: SBH - Appointed as SME Expert Advisory Panel SEAP by SME CORP.pdf

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